May 05, 2015

April 24, 2015

Before You

Black, bleak and white
A trilogy of destitution
Seven years and some
Life largely unfelt
A harrowing meditation
On a growing noise
An isolated narrative
Over a long period
Mimicking, glaring, erratic
Watching life age, in a
masterpiece on memories
Vivid and old
Locked down the street
Now, occasionally, a retrospect


April 21, 2015

A deep connection
Pleats of possibility
Gentle grace, infinite spirit
Geometry, philosophy, joy!
An art I had never seen!
The laws of nature
Creased under
And a chance-infused doodle
Ushered in this unique creature
Infinite folds, butterflies
Three-dimensional forms
Underpinnings of beauty
A trace outline
Of an origami talk
I need more!


April 20, 2015


The oldest tales scramble
And steal upon a song;
Powder blue dreams flow,
Reason breaks into ashes,
A world endlessly twists in time,
Light, transformed, takes stage,
Life reunites with film!

April 02, 2015


How did I even live without you?

was that, but a fake existence?

for now, in your eyes, I see a faith

and in your arms, a home

I must have been a nomad all along! 

April 01, 2015

Separate flakes
Tossed often, 
In a blur 
Of discomfort,
A glitter set off
And minutes dipped in 
The first film of love
Sharpening particles
Of best-case scenarios
Lined the inner rims
A kind migration
Love happened!


March 30, 2015


Through the turnstiles of life
A dream, with a swagger
Comes in fighting
A monkey chase with mercurial time

March 26, 2015

It’s raining 
Photos appear up there
Magician spin on ink
Spraying wetness 
And invisible cheer
A created town
Of rain messages
Sidewalk maybes
To stumble onto
A stencil to hopes


March 25, 2015

Today's poem is dedicated to Ananya Mani. This is just a reminder to tell her how wonderful a person she is! 

Look at us!
We have made it-
A smiling reality
A treat building up!
Remember the trials?
Something changed,
The songs added
To the times of today
Nothing can stop us!


March 21, 2015

(Reference :

Your games -
Guards and shoots –
Free from rules
Now a score
Then a foul.
Playing on your own
Scoring from a twist of hand
A dribble of contact
Carry on, the whole while
Start the stop-clock
Throw the hoop
And this instance,
Push beyond
Charging free
For a possibility!

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